To the Far East by KLM Travel Poster

This poster features a painterly image of a KLM air stewardess with an airline route map line "nach Fernost" (to the Far East) marking stops from Asia to Australia: Karachi - Calcutta - Rangoon / Yangon - Bangkok - Tokyo - Manila - Biak / Indonesia - Sydney - Singapore - Jakarta. For many years in the early 1900s, KLM’s service between Amsterdam and the Dutch East Indies was the world’s longest intercontinental route. KLM charted this route itself and it became an important link between Europe and Asia, as well as all the places in between. KLM’s route in the Asia-Pacific continued to be important in the 1950s as evidenced by this poster

Object size: 107.6 x 69.7 cm With mount, Image size: 101.7 x 64.3 cm
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National Museum of Singapore
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