Fly to the Far East BOAC Travel Poster

This poster presents a daytime scene of what can be presumed to be a Boeing 314A flying boat flying low into a harbor with Asian junks. The poster promotes British Overseas Airways Corporation BOAC flights to the Far East. It is worthy to note that the Boeing 314A flying boat was the largest aircraft of its time and was sold to B.O.A.C by Pan Am but was only used by the B.O.A.C from 1941-1948. The poster was designed by Rowland Hilder, an important British artist known for his paintings of the country side. Hilder has been described as the ‘Turner of his generation' following his renowned landscape paintings of the Kent countryside, where he spent most of his life. This poster was printed by McCorquodale & Co.

Artist Name
Rowland Hilder
Object size: 104.0 x 65.0 cm With mount, Image size: 99.5 x 60.6 cm
Accession No.
Collection of
National Museum of Singapore
Documents and Paper

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