Installing Memory (Box #12 and manifesto)

Multi-disciplinary artist Jailani Zai Kuning (b. 1964, Singapore–) is considered one of the pioneer experimental artists in Singapore who has redefined what it means to engage in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary art forms. Zai is recognised for his multiple creative roles, including painter, dancer, poet, sculptor, choreographer, actor, director, musician, playwright and film-maker. Installing Memory was a direct result of the seminal Artists Village exhibition “The Space” at Hong Bee warehouse. During “The Space”, Zai set up a studio space in the warehouse and put up a sign asking for an exhibition opportunity for the works created then. Daniel Wong from The Substation responded and gave Zai that opportunity, resulting in “after ‘The Space’”. “after ‘The Space’” featured a performance by Zai on opening day involving the 12 boxes from Installing Memory and a slide projection of “The Space” by Koh Nguan How. Materials from previous artworks were packed and sealed into these boxes in a work that questioned the role and meaning of art and the lifespan of art pieces. Zai also wrote a manifesto that accompanied Installing Memory.

Artist Name
Zai Kuning
Object size: 46 x 67.8 x 44.5 cm
Accession No.
Mixed Media
Collection of
National Gallery Singapore
Modern Art Forms