A Chinese export silver trophy

This trophy with cover has a globular body with a pair of stylised Chinese dragon handles. The repoussé work on the body depicts elaborate Chinese landscapes and scenes of figures performing both indoor and outdoor activities and gathering in pavilions. Three dragon fishes, attached to the base, act as a support for the body. The base and lower circular foot features plum blossoms and chrysanthemum in repoussé respectively. The domed cover has a central dragon entwined along clouds with its mouth open forming the handle.The production of Chinese export silver extends from the 18th to mid 20th century. Early Chinese export silver wares were mere copies from European models and decorated with European motifs. Subsequently, due to increasing awareness and popular demand from foreign patrons, local craftsmen began to introduce traditional Chinese decoration. High quality workmanship at a low labour cost added greatly to the demand and appeal for such a market.

Late 19th-early 20th century
Object size: H38.0 x W29.0 x D16.0 cm
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Asian Civilisations Museum