Waiting for the King (Sitting)

Born in 1961, Manit Sriwanichpoom is one of Thailand’s leading and probably the country’s most internationally established photographer. He is best known for his ongoing Pink Man series, begun after the Asian crisis in the late 1990s. Manit is particularly interested in his country’s history and development, and his works reveal its contemporary socio-political complexity. Manit has participated in a number of prominent international exhibitions including Cities on the Move, conceptualized by Hou Hanru and Hans Ulrich Obrist, and the Venice Biennale (2003). In Thailand, December 5 marks the occasion of the present King’s birthday, and it is also designated as Thailand’s National Father’s Day. On this day, tens of thousands of His Majesty’s subjects would congregate on the royal grounds and along the route of the royal motorcade to greet their King as he travels from his residential palace to the Grand Palace for religious rites. ‘Waiting for the King (Sitting)’ captures the spirit and fervour behind this event and attests to the enormous popularity of the monarch.

Artist Name
Manit Sriwanichpoom
Image size: 60.5 x 50.5 cm
Accession No.
Silver Gelatin print (warm tone paper)
Collection of
Singapore Art Museum