Sculptured relief depicting the 'Ramayana' from Dr Isaac Groneman's 'Candi Prambanan in Central Java'

This photograph shows a series of panels with the sculptured relief recounting the Hindu epic tale of the ‘Ramayana’, on the balustrades of the temples within the complex of the Hindu-Javanese Candi Prambanan. The narration begins on the panel left of the east entrance of the Shiva temple and continues southwards, finally ending at the Brahma temple. Although the architectural style of the Candi Prambanan is based on the Indian model, the motifs are distinctly Javanese, and represent the peak of Hindu-Javanese art. This photograph is part of a portfolio containing an extensive photographic survey detailing the Candi Prambanan. It was compiled by Dr. Isaac Groneman, a scholar of Javanese history and culture. He was assisted by pioneer Indonesian photographer Kassian Cephas, who was responsible for the pictorial documentation during the excavation of the site from 1889 to 1890.

Central Java, Indonesia
Object size: 27 x 36.4 cm
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National Museum of Singapore
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