Figure of Tang Tu

This bronze figure of Tang Tu represents one of the four famous disciples of Confucius (Khong Tu). The other three were Nhan Tu, Tu Tu and Manh-Tu (Mencius). He is portrayed seated, holding a court official’s rank tablet in his hands. Ancestral tablets and lacquered bronze images such as this are still worshipped in the Temple of Literature in Vietnam today. During the Le dynasty (1428-1788), Confucianism became the state ideology. It inspired scholarly competitions and national literature. Confucian works, such as texts interpreted by the Chinese scholar Zhu Xi in the Song dynasty (960-1279) were carefully studied by the emperor and the court officials during the Le period.

17th century
Probably Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam
Object size: H:123 x W:62 x D:65.5cm
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Asian Civilisations Museum