This large conical 'terindak' or hat was made by the Melanau people from the Bintulu area in Sarawak. It is made from 'nipah' leaves and decorated with long triangles made of thin strips of bamboo, rattan or 'nipah' veins radiating from the centre. The rim of the hat is straightened and strengthened by a rod of rattan, which is sewn like any other parts. It is mostly applied work with very little plaiting.Hats are worn as a protection against the sun and rain. They come in a wide variety of types and styles as well as intricate indigenous designs and motifs. It is ideal for people whose hands are occupied by bundles and baskets or who need their hands for paddling or working in the fields.

Mid 20th century
Eastern Sarawak
Object size: 20 x 58.5 cm [Diameter]
Accession No.
Palm leaf, rattan
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum
Fibre Work