A boat race with the Fullerton Building (right) and the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank building (left) in the background

The Fullerton Building was opened in 1928 and was named after Robert Fullerton, the first Governor of the Straits Settlements. One of its first tenants was the General Post Office. Today, it is a five-star hotel known as The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. The Deutsch Asiatische Bank was torn down after World War One and was replaced by the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank building in 1925, while the original Hongkong and Shanghai Bank building built on the adjacent site in 1892 was demolished. In the 1970s, the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank building was demolished again to make way for the present HSBC building. This photograph was donated by Si Jing (pen name of Ng Soo Lui), a prolific female writer in the Chinese community who has written extensively on her childhood and life in Chinatown. Her husband, Huang Da Li, was an amateur photographer.

Object size: L:13.9cm W:8.9cm
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National Museum of Singapore
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Gift of Wu Sijing
Photographs and Negatives

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