This sarong signed E.V.Zuylen has two shades of blue as background. It has a pastel flower motif with butterflies.Eliza van Zuylen (1863–1947) was one of the most famous and prolific of the Eurasian batik makers in Pekalongan. The daughter of a Dutch soldier and a Eurasian woman from Batavia (Jakarta), she started making batik after moving to Pekalongan in 1888. She invented the motif of rows of large floral bouquets in sarongs, and it remains a standard batik design. By the 1920s her clients included Peranakans. She owned the largest workshop in town and it survived the Depression and thrived till World War II. Among the Eurasians of the Dutch East Indies, a blue sarong was termed 'kelengan', and was worn by a bride on the first night of her marriage. Many ladies were also dressed in the same sarong for their burial.
c. 1940
Pekalongan, Central Java
Object size: 95.7 x 106.3 cm (SELVAGE)
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Asian Civilisations Museum