Marble foundation stone

This marble foundation stone is carved with elegant thulth and star designs. The opening inscription starts with the basmalah followed by a Qur’anic verse from Surat al-Jinn (The Spirits) which reads: ‘And the places of worship are for Allah (alone); So invoke not anyone Along with Allah (God)’. This verse is not only appropriate in commemorating the building of a mosque, in India, Muslim rulers watched over a largely Hindu population. This inscription records the building of a mosque during the reign of Tughluq ruler, Firuz Shah (r. 1351-1388). The Tughluq rulers were known for their building activities, especially during the rule of Firuz Shah. During his reign, there was overall prosperity in the land, and this enabled other wealthy patrons like his viziers and merchants to endow the building of religious institutions.

15 Muharram AH 775 / 7 July 1373 CE
Probably Gujarat, west India
Object size: L136.0 x W60.5 x H13.0 cm
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Asian Civilisations Museum