Fairy Water Puppet

This fairy is part of a water-puppetry ensemble that includes a master of ceremonies called Teu, a dragon, a lion, and a boy on buffalo. She has moveable parts and a thick colourful painted exterior. The fairy appears in the Dance of the Eight Fairies, which is possibly connected with a Chinese legend about fairies. The origins of water-puppetry are thought to date to the 12th century although it is possible that it was a folk art that developed even earlier in the rice-farming villages of north Vietnam. The stories enacted include spiritual and popular themes that are closely related with rural life.

Artist Name
Dang Van Thiet
c. 1996
Hanoi, Vietnam
Object size: 59 x 21 cm
Accession No.
Wood, rubber, metals, paint
Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum
Theatre Artefacts