Celadon jarlet

This jarlet of squat bulbous form is decorated with lightly moulded floral and leaf patterns on the top half of its body and moulded geometric patterns on the lower half. It is also covered with a light green glaze. This jarlet was acquired in the Philippines and was used as a utility ware or for burials.Produced in the Longquan kilns of Zhejiang province, such wares are referred to as ‘celadon’, a generic term for green-glazed wares in Chinese ceramics produced since the Southern Song dynasty. These wares are prized for their lustrous green tone that resembles jade. Green- glazed wares were obviously highly esteemed in China as they were uncovered in tomb excavations all over the country. They were also immensely popular overseas and can be found in almost all parts of Asia, parts of the Middle East and even Africa.

13th-14th centuries
Zhejiang province, China
Object size: H7.0 x Dia 8.5 cm
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Collection of
Asian Civilisations Museum
Credit Line
Gift of Dr. Stephen Zuellig