Religious manuscript

This manuscript in a reddish-brown cover is by al-Sharani, a 16th century Egyptian scholar and historian of Sufism. This work copied about 48 years after is death is on the science of religious law or ‘fiqh’ in Islam. It presents a theory, which points to the similarities of the four religious schools of law.Islam places an important emphasis on the search for knowledge. The Islamic world has created many folios of books on both secular and religious knowledge. The Arabic translations of Greek, Persian and Indian works on medicine, astronomy, philosophy and mathematics date back to as early as the 8th century. As such, Islamic scholars had collected, synthesized and significantly advanced the knowledge of these other cultures.

1021 AH/ 1612 CE
Provincial Ottoman, Egypt or Levant
Object size: H:4.1cm x W:18.3cm x D:26.9cm
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inks, colours on paper
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Asian Civilisations Museum
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