Kallang River

Born in 1923, Lim Tze Peng is largely a self-taught artist. In his oeuvre, ink paintings and calligraphic works feature prominently, although there is a small number of oils, watercolours and drawings. He created a unique style of ink painting using rich brush and tonal details, and this approach is often regarded as a manifestation of the Nanyang Style in the ink medium. Lim, a school principal until his retirement in the early 1980s, was awarded the Cultural Medallion by the Singapore government in 2003. One of the more tranquil and reflective works by Lim, ‘Kallang River’ is painted in the early years of his ink painting oeuvre after he switched his focus from oils to ink in the early 1970s. Following in the tradition of Chinese painting, Lim leaves vast surfaces unpainted, allowing the viewer to reflect on the composition and balance of the positive and negative spaces. This remarkable arrangement of flat planes and diagonals bring life to the otherwise abstracted space.

Artist Name
Lim Tze Peng
Image size: 61.7 x 68.8 cm, Frame size: 89.5 x 97 cm
Accession No.
Ink and colour pigments on paper
Collection of
National Gallery Singapore
Credit Line
Mr & Mrs Koh Seow Chuan Collection