Fort Siloso

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Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso was one of four coast artillery batteries constructed on the island of Sentosa (known as Blakang Mati prior to 1972) by the British, with the other three being Fort Serapong, Fort Connaught and the Mount Imbiah Battery. These batteries formed part of Singapore's defence against seaward attacks from the south. The range of fire of the batteries was designed for overlapping coverage in coordination with other batteries in Singapore.

Completed by the early 1880s, Fort Siloso was constructed on what was known in the 19th century as Mount Siloso. It was located at the western end of Blakang Mati, an area once called sarang rimau (the tiger’s den). This area had been recommended as a location for a fort more than once before Fort Siloso was built.

Today, this preserved coastal fort is home to a wealth of WWII memorabilia, including coastal guns and the remains of fortified military structures and tunnels.

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