Tampines Chinese Temple

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Tampines Chinese Temple
Opened in 1992, the Tampines ChineseTemple (淡滨尼联合宫) brings together 12Taoist temples that once stood in Tampinesbefore it was developed, including some thathave been based here since the 19th century.The individual temples were informed in theearly 1980s that they would have to relocate toanother site to make way for the developmentof Tampines Town. Early attempts at groupingthe temples together did not take off as someof the temples were wary of a loss of individualidentity and management control. Moreover,only a select few temples had the resourcesto relocate and construct new templeselsewhere.

Nevertheless, the Tampines Chinese Templeorganising committee was eventually formedin 1985, with help from the government’sresettlement officers.

The funds for the construction of the newtemple were raised through donations fromphilanthropists and the community, auctionsof blessed objects, and dinners celebratingoccasions of religious significance. Afternearly a decade of negotiations, fundraising,land acquisition and construction, thetemple was officially declared open inDecember 1992 by former Minister forCommunications Mah Bow Tan, who wasalso a Member of Parliament for TampinesGRC at that time.

One of the interesting features of the TampinesChinese Temple is a 270-metre-long dragonsculpture that adorns the temple’s perimeter.Within the temple are nine altars enshriningdeities of its constituent temples.