Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity

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Holy Trinity Church 1

Officially opened on 30 October 1990, theCatholic Church of the Holy Trinity servesthe Roman Catholic residents of Tampinesand its surrounding areas in the east. Fornearly two decades until the opening of theChurch of Divine Mercy in Pasir Ris in 2009,Holy Trinity was at the heart of religious lifefor the largest Catholic parish in Singapore,estimated at more than 14,000 congregantsin 2009.

Conceptualised by its first parish priest FatherPaul Tay, the plans for the church underwentseveral changes in order to meet variousbuilding regulations. These changes includeda reduction of the church’s height from morethan 60 metres to 22 metres as well as theinclusion of a canteen and a columbarium.

The final design of the church buildingresembled the form of a fish, which representsJesus Christ in Christian iconography andwas used as a symbol by early Christians toidentify their religious brethren. The interiorof the church features Italian architecturaldesigns, including stained glass panelsimported from Milan, Italy.

When it first opened, Holy Trinity was knownfor its unusual interior design, which includeda waterfall, rocks and shrubbery representingthe biblical Garden of Gethsemane andGarden of Eden, as well as a stream of waterthat flowed along the aisles. Most of thesefeatures were however removed in later yearsto make space for a growing congregation.