Shops and cafes along Bussorah Mall

21-62 Bussorah Street, Singapore Get Directions

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Lying in the shadow of Masjid Sultan and well-shaded by two rows of palm trees, Bussorah Mall has been converted into a pedestrian zone since 1992. It is flanked by a row of simple Early style shophouses on one side and, on the other, by Late style shophouses with elaborate façade ornamentations. These shophouses have been beautifully restored to their original charm.

Today, they house interesting shops and restaurants offering a variety of products. Thirteen of them - the only ones left in Singapore - have retained original window shutters that can be swung out into the five-foot-way to display goods (eg. No 41) You can easily while away an afternoon admiring the wide array of keris on display at Malay Art Gallery (No 31); the impressive trove of old toys, coca cola bottles and cans, vinyl discs, antique telephone sets and other collectibles at Grandfather’s Collection (No 42); and other shops offering gifts, souvenirs, handicraft, paintings, sculptures and ceramics. For those in the mood for a little indulgence, especially after a day’s walk, pamper yourself at Wayan Retreat Balinese Spa (No 61). The hungry can get filled on Arab and Mediterranean fare offered at the cafes.