Masjid Malabar Muslim Jamaah

471 Victoria Street, Singapore 198370 Get Directions

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Officially opened in 1963, this is the only mosque in Singapore that was built and managed by the Malabar Muslim community. Having migrated from Kerala (India) to Singapore by the early 1900s, the Malabar Muslims congregated largely in the eastern part of Singapore and around Kampong Glam. They were known for running provision shops called “kaka” alongside food businesses. 

The mosque was built using donations from both Muslims and non-Muslims, with support from prominent figures such as Sultan Ibrahim bin Abu Bakar of Johor (1873-1959). After its opening on 24 January 1963, the mosque soon became an important spiritual and social sanctuary for the Malabar Muslim community. Today, the mosque serves a diverse community. Friday prayers are conducted in Arabic and translated into several languages including Malayalam and Urdu.