Fishing accessory shops along Beach Road

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Running parallel to the seashore, Beach Road was a fashionable residential area until the 1870s and 1880s when the smaller streets in the area were laid out.

Land was later reclaimed to build Nicoll Highway and later further reclaimed for East Coast Parkway, Marina Square and Suntec City. Today, the concentration of fishing accessory shops here is a haunt for fishing enthusiasts and harks back to its history. 

From the very year that Singapore was founded, Beach Road was famous for the annual fleet of Bugis Macassar schooners. It was a wonderful sight to watch as many as 300 boats sail in before the monsoon in September and October. The Bugis traders brought cargos of coffee, gold dust, pearls, spices and tortoise shell. The forest of masts stretched from Plaza ParkRoyal Hotel to the Kallang River mouth.