Baghdad and Pahang Streets' Arabic cafes

12-25 Baghdad Street, 2-23 Pahang Street Get Directions

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At least half a dozen Arabic cafes along these two streets offer Middle Eastern food and drinks. Baghdad Street is also a favourite haunt of taxi drivers who throng a holein-the-wall, nondescript, unnamed sarabat stall for reputably Singapore’s best and cheapest teh tarik (sweet tea with evaporated milk and sugar, served with a thick, bubbly froth created by pouring the piping hot tea from a mug into a serving glass with outstretched hands).

There is a reason behind the unusual method of serving the teh tarik (which literally means pull tea). It is believed that the technique of stretching the tea helps it to mix well with another essential
ingredient, the evaporated milk. This thus brings out the strong aroma and subtle taste of the tea. The tea also cools faster this way.