Tong Whye Temple

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Established in 1932, Tong Whye Temple was established by Hokkien migrants from southern Fujian in China, who named the temple after their hometown temple in Quanzhou.

Quanzhou migrants carried Guan Di Shen Jun and incense from the original Tong Whye Temple to Singapore. This was done based on the belief that Guan Di Shen Jun would provide divine protection during their journey from China to Singapore.

When the Quanzhou migrants arrived in Singapore, they installed Guan Di Shen Jun on an altar in an attap house along the 10.5 milestone of Jurong Road. A permanent temple was later set up in 1932 to house the deity statue.

In 1967, the temple was moved to Track 17, Jurong Road. Track 17 was later redeveloped for housing in 1981 and the temple then shifted to its present location.