Allenby House and Former International Hotel

Allenby House and Former International Hotel - 290 Jalan Besar Road, Singapore 208953 Allenby House - 298 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208959 Get Directions

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Allenby House & International Hotel
The Allenby House was originally planned as a three-storey shophouse with a stately neoclassical façade. A fourth floor was later added and the façade modified into a Georgian design that exudes a sense of graceful monumentality. Inside, there is a central court surrounded on the upper floor by an open corridor lined with eight cubicles. Within the court was a core of toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. Allenby House was the first four-storey building along Jalan Besar as well as the first dedicated lodging house by the road.

The former International Hotel represented a second wave of lodging houses and residential hotels that emerged along Jalan Besar to cater to travellers and businessmen. Inside, there were six cubicles and a service core laid out around a rear court. The curved exterior features continuous projecting balconies made from reinforced concrete, which buffer the rooms from the environment. The building now houses a coffeeshop called Earnest Restaurant, which is well-known for stalls selling prawn noodles and yong tau foo. Other notable hotels that used to operate along Jalan Besar include the five-storey Art Deco White House Hotel and Ngung Hin Hotel.