Waterboat House

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The Waterboat House is an Art Deco building designed by Swan & Maclaren and built in 1949. The three-storey building incorporates a basement which was visible from the sea. It has a prominent curved facade with a semicircular tower-like structure facing Fullerton Road. This site also used to house the Master Attendant’s Office in the late 19th century, from which the Master Attendant supervised all water activities until the harbour moved to Keppel in 1852.

Subsequently a Water Office was built here to supply fresh water to incoming ships, and was in use until 1990. On 21 March 2002, Waterboat House was gazetted for conservation. It was awarded the 2005 URA Architectural Heritage Award for the restoration works, which included recovery of the original grey Shanghai Plaster finish and addition of a new glass annexe.