Arnold's Fried Chicken

810 Geylang Road, #02-99/101 City Plaza Get Directions

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Fried Chicken on Geylang Serai Food Trail

Known as Singapore's very own southern-style fried chicken to some, this locally-owned fried chicken fast food joint has been operating since 1984.

The crispy and tender fried chicken with Arnold's in-house herbs and spices in batter mix offer a different flavour from other franchises. It was also the first Singapore fast-food joint to be certified halal in 1990.

The best thing about being local is getting that flavour one would never find in a typical fast food joint, and in this case, drinks liked iced bandung (condensed milk and rose syrup), iced Milo and ice kachang (shaved ice with red bean) as a dessert option. This place is halal-certified.

Arnold's Fried Chicken
Tel: 6746 2372
Opening hours: Daily. 11.30am - 9.45pm