National Museum of Singapore

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National Museum of Singapore
The National Musuem of Singapore is Singapore's oldest museum having been incepted in 1887. The museum is home to many galleries and artefacts, including Han Sai Por's sculpture, 20 tonnes, found at the front lawn of the museum.

Han Sai Por is one of Southeast Asia's top sculptors. She sculpted while teaching part-time to pay the bills. Solo exhibitions and works such as Goddess of Happiness, Pisces and Tropical Leaves established her credentials and enabled her to be a full-time artist in 1996. “I like to think my sculpture has a force or inner life inside struggling to get out,” she once said.

A prolific sculptor, she held seven solo exhibitions between 1993 and 2013, and participated in group exhibitions and international sculpture symposia. Noticeable works include Progressive Flow at NTUC headquarters and Flora Inspiration at Changi Airport Terminal 3. Some of her more than 20 public sculptures are on display as far afield as the Portland Sculpture Park in England, the US, Malaysia, Japan and China.

Sai Por won the Cultural Medallion in 1995, the top prize at the 11th Triennale India in 2005 and the Outstanding City Sculpture Award in China in 2006. She was a finalist at the Beijing Olympics International Tour Exhibition in 2008.