Phoenix Park

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Phoenix Park was designed by Messrs Palmer and Turner, an architectural firm, at the cost of $1.3 million. The complex of buildings was completed in 1949 and had the capacity to hold a total of 180 offices and facilities. The site was previously part of the Singapore Japanese Golf Club’s golf course before it was taken over by Kay Siang Camp (also known as the Royal Engineers’ camp) to house the commander of the Royal Engineers.

The complex was developed with the intention of providing office space for the British administration under the order of the then Governor-General Malcolm MacDonald (1901-1981). Eventually it served as an outpost of Whitehall (the centre of British administration in London), coordinating the British military, political and economic activities in East Asia, leading to its nickname as the “Little Whitehall of the Far East.”

Phoenix Park was where British Defence Secretary Denis Healey announced the withdrawal of the British troops from Singapore in 1966.  The complex was handed to the Singapore government in 1971. Since then, the complex was used as offices for various government agencies until 2001. From 2008 onwards, the buildings are leased out as commercial office spaces.



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